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Founded by Fredsonn and Julio in 2020, Bahia Kids Magazine is your one-stop-shop for fashion news and Brazilian trends . Whether you’re looking to read about the latest fashion tendencies in kids or want to learn about the best places to travel with children, BAHIA KIDS MAGAZINE has it all for you. Check out our range of articles, and get your daily fix of news and updates!



BAHIA KIDS MAGAZINE is a creative, inclusive, bilingual (Portuguese/English) monthly publication, representing the wide range of beauty patterns that exist in the world. Our train of thought is that we are all beautiful the way we are and the only thing we actually have in common is our differences, so we need to embrace them!

Created in 2020, our magazine covers compelling issues about the kids' world, such as child nutrition, beauty, child psychology, photography and above all, children's fashion. It is a platform for all talented artists to express their creativity and put into practice the groundbreaking ideas they have been concocting in their minds. The time is now to create visual greatness and we can't wait to have you on board. 


Bahia Kids Magazine is a colourful fashion publication that came to life when some lovely kids from the city of BAHIA (Brazil), enthusiastically  started taking part in the weekly fashion challenges organized on instagram, as part of the activities leading up to our runway show "Bahia Kids Fashion Week". Some of the editorial work submitted by these kids and their parents was so stunning, that we ended up scheming a plan to create a publication in order to showcase their talent and creativity. The project soon took off and organically grew into what we are today: a digital and print kids' fashion magazine -with a distinct Brazilian 'twist- for talented children around the world who want to bring their career to the next level, while they get to shine all the way to the top!

Designers, photographers, models, stylists and writers from different corners of the world collaborate with us to put together a new artistic, inspired and visionary issue each and every month, to the delight of fashionistas and child fashion lovers alike. So, if you are creative and would love to contribute to our magazine  with your inspirational work, we want to hear from you! Reach out!

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