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By Fredsonn Silva Agudá @fredsonnsilvaaguda Fashion Stylist, Fashion Producer, and Graphic Designer of BKM.

Three supermodels straight from Spain, Noah, Luna, and Robert get along in a super fashion shoot made especially for Bahia Kids Magazine. In collaboration with the fantastic photographer Ivan Abanades @iabanadesm, and the talented hair stylist Jess Rodriguez @jessrodriguezready from the hair salon Are You Ready?@areyoureadyhair that is making everybody's hair happy!

Models left to right : Noah @noah_ninacorbo, Luna @luna_Michel_oficial & Robert @robert_Y_ulizana

The shoot has a twisted style of grunge vibes and fierceness... a superhero touch, and a lot of beauty! This lovely group of friends is portraying a strong editorial look that leaves no room for the imagination. They love fashion, music, and themselves, and they take a stand looking proud and unapologetic. They are indeed very experienced models, who really know what they are doing in front of the camera. and their talent is truly limitless. [This editorial was idealized by the international stylist Fredsonn Silva Agudá in Canada and was shot at Ivan's photo studio in Madrid].

Contato :

Fredsonn Silva Agudá

Fashion Stylist & Fashion Producer

Whatsapp : +1(647) 679 3333

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