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Photographer: André Glukhov @andreglukhovphoto

Model: Markel @markel_enara. Location : Málaga, Spain. Published by Bahia Kids Magazine @bahiakidsmagazine

Attention all Bahia Kids magazine readers! We are thrilled to announce that the August edition of our magazine has just been released! This month’s cover is truly captivating, as it showcases a stunning editorial shot on the picturesque beaches of Malaga, Spain.

Featured on the cover is the incredibly charismatic Spanish model, Markel, who exudes joy and excitement as he enjoys the beautiful beach and ocean. Markel looks absolutely dashing in his stylish beachwear, which perfectly complements the vibrant and mesmerizing backdrop of Malaga.

So don’t miss out on your copy of the August edition of Bahia Kids magazine, and let your imagination soar in the splendor of Spain’s coastal beauty!

Contato Geral :

Julio Sanchez- Velo

Fashion Writer & Bahia Kids Magazine's Editor-in-Chief

Instagram : @chezvelo @bahiakidsmagazine

Email :

Whatsapp : +1(416)8751306

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